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Eleanor Fossey Eleanor Fossey - the Devon-based dramatist best known for her award-winning one act plays and the BBC-commissioned 'The White Lady' and 'A Shadow of Doubt'.

"I worked in education for many years, and (under the pen name, Ellie Price) wrote plays for children, young adults and local group 'Triangle' in my spare time, before I began taking my writing seriously. I also act and direct, and I am actively involved in the amateur drama scene in my native Devon."

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  • 'This is a play that must be seen ...' '... a compelling study of a human being in transition from child to adulthood.' 'This is a play that must appeal to actresses in their late forties.' (Playing With Daisy)
  • 'a gripping, psychological thriller which held me and the audience spellbound.' (Head to Head)
  • Eleanor Fossey has certainly won her place in the forefront of a new wave of powerful dramatists, and already she has won an exceptional number of awards at Drama Festivals. (Amateur Stage)
  • '... an excellent night of broadcasting' John Lilley, Head of BBC South West - 'the play had a really strong narrative ...' Simon Read, Acting Managing Editor of BBC Devon. Radio Devon listeners said 'The whole performance dealt well with the intriguing haunting tale...a must to listen to again!!!' 'This must be an absolute winner' 'I thought it was brilliant. Clever structure, beautifully written' 'AMAZING play!' (A Shadow of Doubt)
  • 'A well-written study of deep human relationships that is also exceptionally touching.' (Responsible Adults)
  • 'Fossey's play is a compelling study of a woman in crisis ...' 'This is powerful stuff with a plot that is very cleverly handled. The mood of happy family life is beautifully created, ready to be destroyed by the turns in the plot. It is all very credible and fully holds the attention. The characters are particularly well-drawn, believable, in depth and with interesting facets. It all adds up to a compelling piece of theatre' Judges 2006 Geoffrey Whitworth Competition for Best Play. (Blood Ties)
  • 'Skilfully written, with many new twists to an old story ...' 'Traditional and up to date entertainment ...' (Snow White)
  • Brilliantly written ... a roller-coaster ride of emotions ... (A Click of the Heels)