Eleanor Fossey

Playwright and Author

one act plays ...

Playing with Daisy (2f 40s-50s)
Why has Daisy, the imaginary friend of Esther's childhood, reappeared after all these years? Is she here to forgive ... or for revenge?
Performed by the Pilot's Thumb Theatre; their website includes a Guardian review dated Feb 2011.
Overall Winner & Audience Appreciation Award, British All Winners Festival 2014. Winner of the adult section of the MADF One Act Festival, awards for Best Director & Set Design and joint winners of Best Actress award. Awarded 90 marks and Best Actress in the Festival AETF semi final 2014.
'This is a play that must be seen ...' GODA Adjudicator '... a compelling study of a human being in transition from child to adulthood ... This is a play that must appeal to actresses in their late forties.' Amateur Stage

Doubling (4f plus a small non-speaking role, m or f)
A one-act comedy set in an amdram rehearsal room with minimal set and props. Marge and Edie try to get to grips with an historical play, while their director rehearses elsewhere. Winner Best Supporting Actress award, Teignmouth Drama Festival 2014

Splitting Hairs (9f)
Gossip, tensions and intrigue in the staff rest room of a down-market hairdressers.
A one-act comedy (approx 45 mins) - Winner and Best Actress Award, Teignmouth Drama Festival 2014 - 1/4 finalist AETF 2014

Past Imperfect (3f 1m)
A one-act drama; a stylized exploration of reaction to loss. Four friends sit in awkward silence at a dining table - minimal set. Developed through improvisation and cast collaboration, from an early draft of 'Where Are You, Then' (approx 30 mins).

A New Woman (1m 40s-50s; 3f 30s-40s, 20s-50s)
Small talk in the consultation room of an ambitious psychiatrist takes a sinister turn, when Anna realises that she is the victim of multiple personality disorder.
Finalist All England Festival 2004; Winner Sidmouth Festival 2004; Best New Play Sidmouth Festival 2004; Winner and Best Actress Teignmouth Festival 2004; Finalist 'Reading The Future' Exeter University/The Northcott Theatre (performed 2004); Semi finalist Short and Sweet Sydney 2005 (adaptation)
'This is a play that should not be taken on lightly ...' GODA Adjudicator

Blood Ties (3f 40s-50s, late 20s-30s)
A light-hearted get-together after a wedding develops into a compelling drama about a woman in crisis. Maria falls apart on her daughter's wedding day.
Best director Exmouth Drama Festival 2006; Winner Best New Play Exmouth Festival 2006; Winner and Best Actress Teignmouth Festival 2006; Regional Finalist AETF 2006; Highly Commended Geoffrey Whitworth Competition for Best Play 2006
'The beginning of this play made me laugh out loud when I read it, but then it all changes and I wasn't laughing any more ...' GODA Adjudicator 'Fossey's play is a compelling study of a woman in crisis ...' Amateur Stage 'This is powerful stuff, with a plot that is very cleverly handled.' Judges Geoffrey Whitworth Competition

Responsible Adults (3f 50s-60s, 30s)
A mother and daughter relationship is put to the test, when both are forced to face up to the truth about their lives.
Best Actress Teignmouth Festival 2007
'A well-written study of deep human relationships that is also exceptionally touching.' Amateur Stage

Intervals (8f 20s, 30s, 50s-60s + 1m or f)
Four short, very funny plays set in different intervals during a run of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Bernice and Deirdre want starring roles, but are playing Mummy and Daddy Bear. Chorus girl Gina helps principal boy Sophie out of a tight spot. Assistant stage manager Jeanette gives props girl Paula some friendly advice. Betty and Dora hope for a bit of passion, as they man the sweetie counter.
'... excellently written with great understanding ...' Geoff Wildey, Theatre Critic

A Click of the Heels (1f 50s)
Pauline is middle aged and overweight, and lives a very ordinary life, which she blames on not getting the part of Dorothy in the school play (Wizard of Oz) all those years ago. Then Max appears, and her life is changed forever.
'A brilliantly written piece that takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions ...' Geoff Wildey, Theatre Critic

Questioning Jimbo (2m 30s; 2f 30s)
A bit of fun with a question and answer game turns nasty. Who's playing against whom? And who will win?
Semi-finalist Short and Sweet Melbourne 2007

Where Are You, Then? (1f 30s-40s)
A mother grieves for her son in a hospital chapel, and holds a one-way conversation with God.

Poetry Wars (2m 20s-30s; 2 m or f 30s-40s, teenage)
A short play, in which poets Shelley and Keats square up to each other on a tennis court.

Miller's Daughter (4m 40s-50s, 20s, teenage; 2f 20s, teenage; teenage extras)
The classic Rumplestiltskin tale, brought up to date.