Eleanor Fossey

Playwright and Author

full length plays ...

Snow White (pantomime m and f, aged 8 - 80!)
A brand-new take on the well-loved story
'Skilfully written with many new twists ...' Geoff Wildey, Theatre Critic

Head to Head (2m 30s, 60s; 3f 30s, 60s)
Jenna lands her first headship in a village school. What she didn't bargain for is the ghost of a previous headmaster. Why is he still haunting the school?
First performed at The Carlton Theatre, Teignmouth - October 2009.
'a gripping, psychological thriller which held me, and the audience, spellbound'. Geoff Wildey, Theatre Critic

plays for radio ...

The White Lady (6m; 7f)
Two sisters, one lover - a play commissioned for BBC Radio Devon, based on the haunting story of Eleanor and Margaret Pomeroy. Inspired by Berry Pomeroy Castle and its history, this dramatic play retells the legend of The White Lady - 'a dramatic, haunting play ...' 'poetic writing ...'
Learn more about 'The White Lady' from this article on the BBC Radio Devon website.
Now available as a full length stage play (approx 90 mins).

A Shadow of Doubt (10m; 5f)
Commissioned by BBC Radio Devon and broadcast on Thu 18 Sep 2008, this new radio play is a dramatic interpretation of the mystery surrounding John 'Babbacombe' Lee, who was sentenced to death for the murder of his employer, Miss Keyse, in Torquay in 1885. Known as 'the man they couldn't hang', Lee survived the gallows three times.
Learn more about 'A Shadow of Doubt' from this article on the BBC Radio Devon website.

books ...

A Crocodile for Mary Ellen
A picture book for 4 to 6 year olds.
When Grandpa makes a wooden crocodile for Mary Ellen, she realises that choosing a name for him is more difficult than she thought. Illustrated by Jayne Branch and published by Triangle at just £4.99
Purchase direct from the author, Eleanor Fossey - please email for details via contact ...