Welcome to Life-Mechanics ™

Life Mechanics ™ is based on the exciting new concept that your life is like a complex machine which, if its components are working well and in synch with each other, gives a comfortable and satisfactory performance.

Like all machines, however, sometimes performance is troublesome and attention to the working parts necessary.

Life Mechanics ™ is diagnostic, solution-focused life coaching; it can help you:-

  • Design and build your Life Machine from scratch
  • Recondition and completely re-engineer a tired Life Machine
  • Overhaul your Life Machine after mid-life crisis
  • Maintain your Life Machine at the peak of its performance
  • Carry out quick and simple kerbside repairs
  • Fine tune or replace the components of your Life Machine
Tool of the Month
The Focus Turbocharger

Maintaining a strong hard focus on the road ahead is essential when making the more important life changing decisions.

Practice with the Focus Turbocharger will help you achieve a particularly successful outcome when required  ... more

The Life-Mechanics Blog
'Do-it-Yourself Life Mechanics: a Workshop Manual for Living' Do-it-Yourself Life Mechanics: A Workshop Manual for Living

The Life Mechanics, Keith Pugsley and Gilly Pugsley, are pleased and proud to announce the publication of this title by Austin Macauley of Canary Wharf. Available from all good booksellers or direct from Amazon.co.uk.

An EBook version is contemplated for your Kindle, and the Manual has been released in the USA. ... more

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The Life Machine

The Life Machine may be dismantled into its component parts, and these parts may be inspected and then reconditioned or replaced where they have, for one reason or another, ceased to function satisfactorily.

The Life Mechanic focuses on each component, and where necessary its constituent parts, and advises on actions to be taken with a view to correcting any imbalance.

The actions to be taken are translated into formal Goals for the owner/driver, and the Life Mechanic then helps prepare plans for detailed, remedial action where necessary - some simple goals need no further formal planning.

When all necessary plans and resources are in place, the Life Machine is reassembled and can be test driven. The owner of the Life Machine takes their place in the driving seat (the Behavioural Driving Seat) and motors off on the route to goal achievement, and life fulfilment.

We at the Life Mechanics’ workshops are dedicated to helping you diagnose and correct the imbalances and faults in your Life Machine - for a free impartial estimate, contact us now.