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Have you ever heard people complain that their whole life is rubbish? That their existence has no purpose? That they’re in a dead end job, perhaps a dead end life? Maybe they’re in a relationship that’s going nowhere, or they’re just plain bored. Life is "passing them by", and what’s it all about anyway?

Often the life we’re living really isn’t up to snuff, and we’re not particularly happy, but can’t quite put our finger on why. We may have enough to eat, sure, a roof over our heads, even a reasonable income. Some of us have all, materially, we could wish for, and more. But something’s still missing.

Stop anyone in the street and ask them ... What one thing in your life, if you could change it right now, would make your whole existence happy, purposeful, fulfilling and simply wonderful?

Chances are, they won’t have a clue. Because they’ve never thought about it. And because the question is too vague and unfocused. And too big.

If you turn the question into ... What would you do if you won the national lottery? ... there’s a chance that some might have an unmoulded wish list they can reel off, almost to please you. But it’s likely to consist of vague dreams and unformed aspirations. The lottery, and the fact that the chances of winning it are slim to non-existent, is almost an excuse for not putting any real effort or thought into improving their life condition.

Your life's a machine

The Life Mechanic sees life as a machine made up of a number of interconnected and interrelated components. If they’re all working well and complement each other effectively, the Life Machine runs smoothly and comfortably. But if one or more components malfunctions, or simply falls out of synch with its neighbours, then the Life Machine can appear to give a pretty rough ride. If this happens the experienced Life Mechanic can often go straight to the problem and with the judicious application of the tools at her disposal, put matters right. Sometimes the Life Machine will have to be dismantled into its component parts so that the malfunction can be identified, diagnosed and corrected. If the workings of the Life Machine and the interaction of its various parts can be understood, this exercise of fault diagnosis and correction becomes manageable, digestible. Even enjoyable!

It’s rather like your car. If it isn’t performing too well, and you can’t fix the problem yourself, you might take it to a garage mechanic. The mechanic will listen to the symptoms you describe, look the car over, perhaps listen to the engine, maybe give it a test drive. Eventually, if you’ve got a good mechanic, he’ll diagnosethe problem andfix or replace the part. Your Life Machine is similar. If you know what’s wrong with it, you can take some steps to fix it. If you don’t, you first have to diagnose the problem, and then, if you can, fix it. Sometimes you might need professional help. If you’ve got a problem with the gearbox, for instance, it’s not much point pumping up the tyres!

As professional Life Mechanics, our business is fixing peoples’ lives. Sometimes the issue can be really quite minor, and once diagnosed a little fine tuning is all that is necessary. Sometimes a major overhaul is called for. Sometimes a Life Machine needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt from scratch. Whatever’s necessary, the principles are the same.

Starting out as a practice in clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching, we’ve been operating as Life Mechanics for ten years now, from our workshops in Devon. The procedures, exercises and tools we have developed have been used to effect positive change in the Life Machines of hundreds of clients, some of whose success stories you will read about if you follow the blog. Some of the stories are of personal successes of the authors themselves, but they were all guided by the procedures and the tools we now offer to you.

Life-Mechanics™is goal-centred, solution-focused, practical and fun. You will be provided with easy to follow instructions, plans and diagrams, and encouraged to fix those aspects of your Life Machine that are not running as smoothly as you’d like. If you find on inspection that your Life Machine is in need of a more radical overhaul, or even a completely fresh approach to design and rebuild is required, again you will be guided and helped to find the way. Life-Mechanics ™ is adaptable to all makes and models.

And even if your Life Machine is firing on all cylinders right now, regular planned maintenance and inspection of the moving parts will keep it in top running order. You will be provided with service schedules specific to your needs, and a comprehensive Life Mechanic’s toolkit to assist you to become an accomplished and resourceful DiY Life Mechanic, should you so wish.

Do you need Life-Mechanics ™?

If you’re browsing the internet right now, trying to make up your mind whether Life-Mechanics ™ is for you, hesitate no more. Do the following simple test:

Is Your Life in Balance? To the right is a simple eight spoke Wheel of Life or Lifegauge, the sort frequently used by Life Coaches to take a snapshot of where their client is right now. The gauge represents eight major areas, or components, of your life. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your satisfaction with your life in each area.

1:There’s not much in this area to be happy with at all.
5:The situation is just about tolerable, but things could be so much better in this area.
10:PERFECT LIFE in this area. Couldn’t be better. I’ve reached my ideal.

Now, look at the balance in your life. Which areas need some attention? Are you sacrificing happiness in important areas of your life on the altar of perfection in others?

You should be aiming for 8+ in all areas. A score of less than 7 indicates a serious imbalance, and you should get out the spanners. Life-Mechanics ™ can show you the way.

Now, you decide. Is Life-Mechanics ™ for you?

If yes, Congratulations on your decision to become involved with Life-Mechanics ™. It’s easy & free to contact us and find out how Life-Mechanics ™ could change your life, and the lives of those around you, for the better.