Your Life Machine explained

Your Life Machine is made up of a number of components which, if they are all working together well and in harmony, make for a smooth, trouble-free and comfortable ride. There are 14 major components in most standard models. Though their relative weight and dimensions vary, and over time you may recognise further important distinct components in your particular model, it’s important that you get to recognise the 14 basic components, and just what constitutes each in your particular and very unique Life Machine.

PHYSICAL bodyshell, chassis and suspension

The Physical Bodyshell or bodywork and chassis of the Life Machine includes your general health and wellbeing, physical fitness and mobility. Weight, body mass index and considerations of body image are included, as are how you feel about your physical persona on a day to day basis. Your overall musculature, posture and appearance should be important to you, as may peripherals such as hair, skin texture, teeth, nails. And how long you wish to live. Though beauty may be only skin deep, yet it is the Bodyshell that holds the Life Machine together. Keeping it in good condition for as long as possible must be a priority.

INTELLECTUAL on-board computer

Characterised as the on board computer, the Intellectual component stores all the programmes for skills, abilities and competencies that you will need for a productive and fulfilling life. The powers of thinking, analysis, memory and acquisition of knowledge are found in this powerful computer, as are the formal qualifications, academic, professional or practical, necessary for you to perform in your chosen vocation. And the no less important skills and abilities picked up by practise and the experience of living all have their space within.

EMOTIONAL temperature gauge

The temperature gauge of the Life Machine measures your emotional balance, ambient temperament and mood swings. Most would value warm feelings of high self esteem, confidence, happiness, occasional euphoria, hopefulness, anticipation and fulfilment. Episodic cool feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety, dread, foreboding and helplessness may be inevitable, but they need to be identified and minimised or at least evened out so that the Life Machine runs averagely somewhere between “normal” and “hot” on the gauge.

BEHAVIOURAL driving seat

It’s important when you’re driving your Life Machine to be adopting the correct posture in a comfortable seat. The Behavioural Driving Seat concerns your habitual behaviours, good or bad, how you interrelate and interact with others, your natural strengths and how they can be increased, and your weaknesses, and their reduction. You need to feel comfortable and supported by your Behavioural Driving Seat, and keep your eye on the Behavioural Rear View Mirror from time to time.

DOMICILIARY interior and upholstery

The interior upholstery and fittings of your Life Machine will affect in no small way how comfortable you are when travelling. The Domestic, or Domiciliary Interior and Upholstery is represented by the castle, mansion, house, flat, lodgings or other abode in which you live and spend an appreciable amount of your time. The country in which you live, the immediate locality, and the building itself, its size, style, nature, internal décor and general ambiance all contribute to your happiness, well-being and comfort.

MATERIAL glove compartment

Some Life Machines are dominated by accessoriesand material possessions. Some not so. The Material Glove Compartment contains the major possessions of your life, space for those possessions you still wish to obtain and those you aspire to. They may be possessions of utility, or purely of ornament. They may be items which only have sentimental value, but which you still wish to make room for in your Life Machine’s GloveCompartment. The Life Mechanic tries to keep the Glove Compartment tidy and organised, and free of any items that no longer have value, utility or ornament in the Life Machine.


This is the engine of the Life Machine, the major component that makes the whole machine work and move forward. It may be your job, your career or calling, your profession or your business. If you are retired from or have no need for gainful employment in any of these spheres, your Occupational Engine concerns itself with how you spend the longest and most constructive part of your wakeful hours. The Engine is itself made up of a number of components which need to function and interrelate if the Life Machine is to proceed in any meaningful way. These components include the tasks we carry out, the people we work for or with, those we are responsible for. The environment of the workplace is important, as may be the level of wages or salary, working conditions, terms of employment and overall job satisfaction.


Represented by the radio or other in-car entertainment of the Life Machine, this component is concerned with what you do for pure fun, entertainment, recreation or relaxation. It covers active or passive pursuits, participation in sports and exercise regimes, reading, involvement in sedentary or more active hobbies and interests, and anything else you might “tune in to” purely because it’s there and you want to.


Deft operation of the five speed Relationship Gearbox in your Life Machine helps you slip seamlessly between the various relationships with which you need to engage throughout your life, be they social, business, family or with your spouse/partner. 1st Gear relationships are of the most peripheral type, those within 2nd Gear needing a little rapport. 3rd Gear relationships are with friends and closer family, and perhaps in the early stages of romantic liaisons. 4th Gear relationships will be with very close friends and family, and longer term developed love matches. There will normally be only one or perhaps two relationships in the life span of the average 5th Gear. And of course there’s a reverse gear for the relationships from which you need to retreat.

EXPERIENTIAL accelerator

Pressure applied to the Experiential Accelerator will speed you through the experiences of life you wish to enjoy. Many of these experiences will occur quite naturally. Some are quite unavoidable. The Accelerator will help you achieve those experiences which you will find life enriching. For it is the experiences you have that make you the person you are. The places you’ve been. The things you’ve seen, heard, tasted, touched or smelled. The people you’ve met and the things you’ve done.Pressure on the Accelerator will help you move as fast and as far out of your own particular comfort zone as you wish.

ALTRUISTIC passenger seats

Those you carry with you on the way sit on the Altruistic passenger seats. This represents what you do for others, for your community, country or the world at large, without any motivation of payment or other reward. This is the space in your life for helping, putting back, contributing to the environment, the closer or wider community.

CREATIVE battery

The Creative Battery gives you the spark to create for yourself. Whether you wish to paint, write, sing, dance, sculpt or practice the crafts, invent, design or discover something new. Whether you wish to think and theorise, or make, design and develop, the Creative Battery is the component of your Life Machine that will inspire and energise you towards self-fulfilment.

SPIRITUAL windscreen

The Spiritual Windscreenis your window on the world,the enlightenment in your life, your belief in purpose and in the hereafter. General world view, specific religious or spiritual belief, and the legacy we leave behind us can be viewed through the Spiritual Windscreen if it is kept clean, clear and blemish free.

FINANCIAL fuel tank

The Fuel Tank of your Life Machine contains your finances and financial affairs. Current income and expenditure, capital investment and investment income, and how you manage your wealth or budget to provide for the various needs of your Life Machine’s other components. Provision for comfortable and fulfilling retirement with financial stability and freedom are the purview of the Financial Fuel Tank. Also contained in the Tank are provision for insurance against potential financial liability, anddisposition of your wealth on death.

Now, consider your own Life Machine in light of the above component descriptions. Dismantling your Life Machine into these parts, what particular attributes does your Life Machine have that sets it apart from others?