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This is your free on-line Annual Safety Inspection (MoT) and checks minimum safety levels for all components of your Life Machine. Read the following 25 statements; being as honest with yourself as you can, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 4 as follows ...

  1. This statement does not represent me at all at this time. I totally disagree with the statement.
  2. There are elements of this statement that are true about me. This approximates the truth.
  3. The statement is quite near the truth about me. It’s nearly me.
  4. I totally endorse this statement as it relates to me. It’s entirely true.

Take your time, and think about your answers ...

 Statement1 - 2 - 3 - 4
1 I am completely satisfied with my weight, body image and general health.
2 I continue to make regular efforts to keep myself reasonably fit.
3 I am totally free from addiction to any substance or activity that I know is bad for me.
4 I am completely free of any bad or irritating habits.
5 My way of life continues to match my strong personal values.
6 My emotional temperature gauge registers averagely between “normal” and “hot”.
7 My levels of high positive mental attitude and self esteem are being daily maintained.
8 I definitely smile or laugh with genuine humour at least once a day.
9 On a scale of 1 to 10, I continue to you LIKE myself at least 8.
10 My skills, abilities and competencies continue to approach the satisfactory level I require.
11 My mind gets frequent and regular exercise.
12 I absolutely love where I live.
13 My current residence has all the features of my dream home.
14 All of the important family and social relationships in my life (my Relationship Gearbox) are running smoothly and without stress or tension.
15 I continue to have at least one really good friend who I can turn to for understanding.
16 My job, profession or occupation continues to be right for me in every way.
17 I still find my occupation rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying.
18 I have a number of interests, hobbies or other diversions I take part in regularly.
19 I have ways of relaxing that give me pleasure and leave me feeling refreshed.
20 I have experienced everything I intended to by this time.
21 I am completely satisfied with the material objects that I own so that there is nothing material I yearn for.
22 My life is completely free from the clutter of objects that are nouse or ornament.
23 I am still satisfied that my contribution to others is sufficient.
24 I continue to be satisfied with my personal beliefs and spirituality.
25 There continues to be sufficient in the fuel tank for my current needs, and I have repaired any leaks I was aware of.
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Your Safety Certificate

Total your scores. This gives the current safety % rating of your own Life Machine for the road. Repeat this test in 6 months time and compare the results. You should aim for 90% safe operation of the Life Machine.

If you would like a free objective appraisal of the current state of your Life Machine, answer all 25 statements and click/touch the 'Send your scores' button to send your scores to the Life Mechanics in an email.