Life-Mechanics ™ - Services

At Life-Mechanics ™ we provide a wide range of services for your Life Machine - here are some of them ...

Life Mapping

Whether you’re 16 and just starting out, 65 and looking forward to retirement, or anywhere in between and feeling that your Life Machine has stalled, we can help map out your new and exciting future, help you find new direction and make sure you’re living your life "on purpose".

Goal Setting and Action Planning

If you know where you want to go but not how to get there, we can help, with our SMART Goal Sat. Nav. We’ll get you on track with firm destinations and a route to follow.

Life Machine Design and Overhaul

Need to get out of a rut, start over after mid-life crisis, overhaul a tired out and jaded Life Machine? We can help. With our comprehensive, systematic and practical approach to life coaching we will dismantle, recondition and replace where necessary, and reconstruct your Life Machine as only you want it.

Periodic Maintenance

We can help you maintain your Life Machine in tip top condition with regular planned maintenance at a frequency of your choosing. From weekly service checks to monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance schedules, we have a plan to fit every Life Machine and every pocket.

Breakdown Recovery

Sign up for our Breakdown Recovery Service and you will have your own dedicated Life Mechanic at the end of a phone to render assistance in the event of unforeseen difficulties or breakdown of your Life Machine.

Component Diagnostics, Repair and Replacement

The standard Life Machine has 14 components. If they are all working well and in harmony, you will get a smooth, comfortable and successful ride and reach your destinations safely and speedily. If your Life Machine is out of balance, or one of its components out of synch with the others, your ride will not be as smooth; your journey not so successful. At Life-Mechanics™ we can diagnose faulty components and then help you fix or replace them, putting your Life Machine back in balance.

Services for the DiY Enthusiast

We very much encourage the DiY enthusiast at Life-Mechanics ™. We offer friendly, professional and uncomplicated advice, often at no charge. And for the serious DiYer there’s a host of tools on offer for hire or purchase at modest expense.

Life Mechanic Training and Licensing

Interested in training in Life-Mechanics ™ for an interesting and rewarding career? We offer courses leading to Certificate (LM(Cert.)) and Diploma (LM(Dip.)). Diplomated Life Mechanics may be licensed to offer all the services outlined above, for reward, and style themselves "Life Mechanic, by Diploma".

Group and Corporate Events

Life-Mechanics ™ will, by prior arrangement, supply one or more Diplomated Life Mechanics to present, train and facilitate at group or corporate events focused on achieving life balance, success, achievement, happiness and fulfilment in the lives of its members.

All Makes and Models

All makes and models of Life Machine catered for. Intelligent, determined, success-oriented Life Machine drivers our speciality.