New for 2010/11 - Adventures with a Spoon ...

Keith (r), #13 and friend somewhere in SW England A North Devon order spoon (#13) accompanies Keith, Gilly and friends around South West England - and beyond ...

Two Men and a Spoon go Hill Walking
Read Keith's March 2010 Adventure Two Men and a Spoon go Hill Walking.

Two Blondes and a Spoon do Iceland
Read Gilly's October 2010 Adventure Two Blondes and a Spoon do Iceland.

Two Men and a Spoon in a Winter Wonderland
Read Keith's December 2010 Adventure Two Men and a Spoon in a Winter Wonderland.

All these adventures are available to read as pdf files; if your computer does not already have the Adobe PDF Reader installed, you can download it for free from the Get Adobe website.


Keith's 2007 Adventure - The Road to Banjul ...

The Road to Banjul The startling and probably true story of a hair raising jaunt through Europe and along the coast of west Africa by two middle-aged adventurers in a banger on the occasion of the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge 2007. Keith and Graham, and an ageing and battered Cherokee Jeep called "Black Betty", battle with faltering ignition, suspect brakes, corrupt officials and inadequate camping equipment as they carry a sewing machine to an unsuspecting gents' outfitter in the Gambia.

Early reviews:
"What an excellent read ... I placed an order on-line with Authorhouse and the book arrived just two days later ... Excellent pen-pictures of every aspect of the trip - I felt I was with you all the way. The noise, the smells, the filth, the hassling, the lying and thieving, it reminded me so much of my upbringing!"

"One of the funniest and, at the same time, interesting books I have ever read. Escapism at its best. A great gift for anyone you're not keen on. I liked this book, me." PW
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"Thought a lot about your book since I finished it. The magic is that your prose captures all your fun - immaculately. Still smiling!" PJ

"A ripsnorting rollicking rollercoaster of an adventure, played out down the west African coast, full of sex, violence, intrigue, corruption, jealousy and goats."

"A saga of epic proportions, with finely drawn characters, an absorbing plot line, and a delicate sensitivity for the subject. And a lot of donkeys."

"... a high octane thriller on low octane fuel as Team Life Mechanics hurtle through Africa in a race against time and mechanical failure on the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge. It's gripping, nail-biting, seat-of-the-pants stuff as two ageing adolescents pit their wits against desert delirium, corrupt officialdom and a camping stove. Unmissable!"