The Road to Banjul The Road to Banjul is the true adventure story of two middle-aged men pitting their wits against the desert in a banger on the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge 2007. Keith Pugsley, Lord Mallens of Bedfordshire, and his side-kick Graham de Meur motor through nine countries and down the west African coast in an ageing Cherokee Jeep called Black Betty in a bid to deliver a sewing machine to a budding gent's outfitter in the Gambia. They are kidnapped, duped, blown up and nearly capsized, and have to suffer the indignities of Mauritanian plumbing on the way.

Part One, Getting Ready, describes Keith's preparations for the trip during the summer and autumn of 2006. It's a blue print for anyone considering this or any similar road borne challenge.

Chapter 1The Challenge
Chapter 2A Matter of Form
Chapter 3The Search for Jack Sparrow
Chapter 4The Search for Black Betty
Chapter 5A Meeting in a Field
Chapter 6The Cunning Plan
Chapter 7Sister Marlene
Chapter 8Bandits, Bombs and Bribes
Chapter 9The Paper Chase
Chapter 10Getting Ready to Rock and Roll
Chapter 11Banjul Base Camp
Chapter 12Putting My House In Order
Chapter 13The Final Countdown

Part Two, Getting There, is an account of the trip itself, and of the many adventures and characters encountered in this three-week race for charity.

Day 1A Good Samaritan
Day 2Lost in France
Day 3Men of La Mancha
Day 4Little Britain
Day 5A Short Guide to Camping in Africa
Day 6Kidnapped!
Day 7Escape to Tan Tan
Day 8Little Beirut
Day 9The Long and not so Winding Road - read more ...
Day 10Close Encounters of a Different Kind
Day 11Mohammed Abdullah, Prince among Thieves
Day 12The Hippy Hotel
Day 13A Cultural Interlude
Day 14Running the Gauntlet
Day 15Zebrabar
Day 16St. Louis
Day 17Another Gauntlet
Day 18The Barra Boys
Day 19Bungalow Beach
Day 20Crocodiles!
Day 21The Mangrove Delta
Day 22Home Again

All profit royalties go to the North Devon Animal Ambulance. For more on the Challenge go to the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge website.

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